Our patented Basketball Precise-501010 exerts 360-degrees of Exoprecise Forces, simultaneously expanding, contracting, and morphing to your body’s natural motion, as the movement of your elbows activates a pushing force; strengthening precise basketball muscles, triggering speed, and guides you to accurate shooting. You’ll enjoy scoring a triple double.

Basketball Precise-501010 Power Trainer

Sport Precise Training

Power Basketball Performance

The outdated, “Sport Specific” training method mimics the body’s natural playing motion, attempting to improve performance, however, Sport Precise training does not mimic, nor, is it specific; it is precise! Our Basketball Precise-501010 accommodates a world-first Sport Precise training method. Activating and strengthening precise power basketball muscles, improving speed, and mechanics; throughout regular practice, and playing.

Basketball Precise-501010 Power Trainer


Piloting Your Accurate Basketball Shot

Throughout your shot, our basketball trainer exerts the precise amount of resistance to your elbows, navigating the optimal distance from your body; improving shot accuracy, mechanics, and fixing mistakes.

Basketball Precise-501010 Power Trainer
Basketball Precise-501010 Power Trainer
Basketball Precise-501010 Power Trainer


Playing Basketball, Unrestricted

Our basketball trainer provides a full range of motion for basketball practice and a playing a pick up game, 3-on-3 for example; throughout repetitive and “automatic” drills (shooting a basketball without thinking); critical to activating the “automatic” power basketball muscles.


Applying a circumference of Exoprecise forces, surrounding the torso, positioning below your chest; or mid-chest for well-endowed women. Delivering a full range of motion for basketball players, responding to your body; simultaneously expanding and contracting, advancing your strength, speed, and mechanics.

  • SILKY-SMOOTH: Ultra-thin, lightweight, unobtrusive, wearing for long periods. Impervious to repetitive motion, reducing friction on the arms, chest, and back; Exoprecise nanofibers, dispersing the heat, eliminating skin irritation.
  • INTUITIVE AND RESPONSIVE: Synchronously, expanding, contracting, reacting, and morphing to the body’s natural motion.
  • STRONG: Ultra-high PSI tensile strength, and stretch-limit; resilient to breaking under tension, accommodating to the stresses, and strain of power biomechanics. Passing, rigorous testing under extreme conditions.
  • LONG-LASTING: Durable, returning to the original shape, without permanent alteration.
Basketball Precise-501010 Power Trainer


  • Delivering a simple solution, adjusting the size/resistance for extra-small, and extra-large.
  • Increasing the size reduces the forces, conversely, decreasing the size increases the forces.
  • Thread the left-over Exoprecise material through the slider, securing and balancing the Basketball Precise-501010.
Sizing And Wearing. Basketball Precise-501010

ADJUSTABLE TO FIT EXTRA SMALL KIDS, AND EXTRA LARGE PROS For best performance, we recommend taking the time to size, and fit your #BasketballTrainer correctly; with proper sizing, you can play #Basketball as usual. #BasketballPrecise501010 PDF - https://basketballprecise.com/quickstart/

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Exopower, the phases of Sport Precise, during basketball practice, wearing our Basketball Precise, training the faster, and stronger basketball body.

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Play basketball your way. Integrate into your basketball training program. Works for novices and pros. Shoot, pass, defense, dribble, and rebound.

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